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2017 Is Set

I think I have my 2017 race calendar all finalized.  The big goal is my first 100 mile finish at Run Rabbit Run in September.  After pacing a friend through the night last year at the race last fall I fell in love with the race and decided to register.  With such a big goal I also added some races in an attempt to get myself as ready for Run Rabbit Run as I possibly can. 

The first challenge will test my mental fortitude in running through the night.  Last summer I had two challenges involving night running that did not go how I wanted.  I lost it mentally after the sun went down at the Never Summer 100k which only made quitting easier.  I also did I night race in Phoenix last summer where I didn’t go out for the last loop.  Yes, it was really hot but in retrospect I realize that quitting during the night is something I need to work on.  That means my first “race” of 2017 will be a 24 hour timed event.  I have some soft mileage goals, but none of those are possible without making it through the night. 

The second Run Rabbit Run training race will be the Scout Mountain 100k in Idaho in June.  This course will better mimic the ups and downs of RRR100 and will give me another taste of being on my feet for a long period of time prior to the main event in September.  I’m looking forward to a mountainous race at lower altitude too since I had stomach issues above 10,500 feet at Never Summer so that should be one less thing I have to worry about. 

The final races will be the two Sky races at Whiteface Mountain in July.  Honestly, I booked these because I thought they would be two great shorter training races as I head into the peak of training for September and the wife and I both want to spend a little time on the East Coast this summer.

This summer is gonna be a great one.  Now it is back to ski-mo training with more nordic mixed in over the next month and a half.  A head cold has given me a nice rest this week, but I still have a goal of breaking 50k vertical on skis this month and starting to build up my run mileage slowly.


Run Rabbit Run 50 Report

If you read my prior post you know that I was feeling pretty confident going into Saturday’s 50 miler.  The 3am wakeup was a bit tough but after a strong cup of coffee and breakfast I was feeling great.  I walked down to the race start and waited for a few minutes by a nice giant fire pit outside the Sheraton.

My plan going in was to walk the uphills and run the downhills and flats.  I stuck to this plan even though I was one of the last couple runners by the first switch back on the Zig Zag trail about a half mile up the initial six mile, 3,000+ vertical climb.  The uphill went great and I was pleased with my walking pace.  It sure helps to have people to chat with.

From Mount Werner to Long Lake I felt pretty good.  There was some back and forth with other runners as I bombed the downhills and continued to walk the uphills.  Long Lake to Base Camp went pretty much the same although it was around Base Camp that the first twinges from a hernia in my groin started.  The pain started getting worse as I approached Dumont.  The back story on this injury is that I have been using stretching and hip exercises to keep this hernia in place while running for over two years now. Now, in retrospect this sounds totally insane but up until last Saturday I had been able to deal with it even in races and during long runs.

Heading up to the Rabbit Ears I also started noticing how fatigued my legs were which I was not expecting at this stage of the race.  I had been staying on top of fueling so I think it was just lack of fitness.  I got back to Dumont and relaxed with my wife for twenty minutes while I chugged some sodas, ate some nuts, and swapped shoes.  I was still pretty confident as the hernia pain was going away with stretching during the out and back to the Rabbit Ears.


That was all going to change on the way back to Base Camp after the above picture was taken.  I couldn’t even run the long flat along the lake as I had to take walk breaks and my running pace was barely faster than walking at this point.  Before the start of the uphill I stretched a bunch but for the first time there was no improvement in the pain.  I stopped at least three more times before getting to the Base Camp Road to stretch but there was no change in the pain.  At the road I made the decision to drop.  I know it was the best decision although I have certainly been second guessing what I could have done to go on and finish but dropping was the only choice with the pain and being pretty close to the cut-off.

While waiting for a ride back to Dumont three other runners came through and continued on.  One was a volunteer I worked with at Olympian Hall on Friday and I was pumped to see her push on with about fifteen minutes until the cut-off.

I enjoyed the experience and learned a ton for my next race but now it is time to get the hernia surgery (scheduled for next week) and be ready for ski season and in full health for next summer’s running.  The Run Rabbit Run weekend was a shit sandwich with really good bread.  Friday’s volunteering was amazing and Sunday’s Galactic show in Aspen was incredible.

I am bummed about not finishing and missing out on the Javalina Jundred but I am looking forward to not dealing with this fucking hernia anymore.

Perfect Day

This trailer for a ski film by the Nimbus crew showed up in my Facebook feed.

I was really digging the soundtrack after what an incredible day I had volunteering at the Run Rabbit Run 100.  My favorite part was watching a runner go from basically unable to walk to seconds from dropping to leaving to continue the race over the span of multiple hours.  I really hope he makes it but the balls to continue were inspiring to someone about to start their first ultra in ten and a half hours.  Volunteering at an ultra is amazing and I think I have a much better understanding why many of the top ultras have a service requirement.  I had been thinking about running the 100 next fall but after today I’m gonna do the full volunteer stint because it was just amazing.

I’m feeling really good about tomorrow’s fifty.  I’m hoping the soundtrack to the ski film will feel so in the moment tomorrow evening.


This weekend has the potential to be one of the best three day spans in recent memory.  Volunteering at the 100, running the fifty, and then heading to Aspen to see Galactic at the Belly Up.

But first I gotta finish all the last minute race organizing.

More Run Rabbit Run Thoughts

In three days I should be past Base Camp on my way back to the base area.  Since I did run the entire course this summer I spent some time looking at the numbers from those runs.  I should add about ten to fifteen minutes since I begin and end above the actual start and finish lines.

Ski Area base to Dumont Aid Station – 5:14

Dumont to Rabbit Ears and back to Ski Area base – 6:13

I should be able to match the 5:14 to Dumont as I will have fresh legs.  It will be interesting to see the impact of aid stations and the extra calories and water during the entire race.  It will also be fun to see how much time is added to the 6:13 from having 22-23 miles on my legs when I start that stretch.

I would love to break twelve hours in this race as that will give me more confidence when it comes to the Javelina Jundred, but I know finishing this mountainous fifty should give me the confidence I need as long as I stay below the fifteen hour cutoff.

I also need to remember to stick to my race plans, which most importantly means that I need to power hike the first 3,000+ foot climb.  There are a couple short flat and downhill sections that I might run but I need to walk every single uphill grade regardless of how I feel.  I will need the legs for the rest of the rolling singletrack from Mount Werner to Rabbit Ears and back (besides walking the Base Camp and Rabbit Ears climbs).

Self Sabotage

It is five days until my first attempt at the ultra-distance.  My last two attempts in the spring of 2014 did not go too well.  I caught a nasty cold for a 50k training race and then I had stomach issues for the Fort Clinch 50 a month later.  I still wonder if the stomach pains were more mental as I rarely ever have digestive issues.

So everything is going pretty much to plan leading up to next Saturday’s race except for a few training runs.  A few mild pains until yesterday when a hip/groin issue popped up again.  I know how to deal with it but mentally it was not how I wanted to spend my last Sunday long-ish run.  Later in the day I was painting on our deck and subconsciously dragged my toe across the base of the sliding glass door.  The pain was immediate and blood started flowing from the small gash right at the top of the toenail.  All I could think about was how this would impact my race this Saturday.

I’m sure the small gash will heal by then and I’ll be ready as long as I don’t find a way to damage myself between now and then.  Other than fighting my own subconscious I am looking forward to this weekend.  Volunteering at the 100 mile race on Friday and then running the 50 on Saturday.

Summer in the Rear-view

Hard to believe it is already September.  Every year around this time I’m reminded of a quote that says, “Summer is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer it gets to the end the faster it goes.”

With only two and a half weeks left until Run Rabbit Run I’m gonna be a bit crazy til then.  August was a mixed month.  Ended up running more mileage and vert than ever before, started PT to successfully work on a sore Achilles, and ended the month feeling pretty exhausted (luckily feeling much better after a real mellow, flat long run last Sunday).

August stats:

39 hours
22,944 vert
184 miles

I’m excited and scared of what lies ahead.

Fall Goals

I started this blog in the hope of putting my thoughts down about my upcoming endurance goals.  I started the year around 230 pounds and working on losing weight and running more.  That goal has been met, but in the process of losing forty pounds and breaking two hours in the Steamboat Springs Half Marathon my goals evolved into something much larger.  I still want to remain consistent and injury free but I have some bigger plans I am putting into motion.

The first goal is to finally run the Run Rabbit Run 50 mile race in September.  I have eyed this race since the inaugural version in 2007 but always felt like my fitness level had to be at a super high level before I even considered attempting it.  I decided in April that I had enough time to train to finish (not worrying about racing) fifty miles by September 19th.

Why settle for a massive goal like a 50 miler when one can reach for even loftier dreams.  I have always wanted to run the Western States 100.  My initial Western States goal was to run a qualifier in 2016 to enter the lottery in 2017.  I realized about a month ago that waiting until the 2017 lottery and the tiny odds for a first timer didn’t make sense.  Why wait when I can attempt a qualifier for the 2016 lottery.  “No time like the present,” I thought as I entered the Javelina Jundred at the end of October.

The rest of this summer and fall should be amazing and I will be sharing my ups and downs on this blog.