Weekly Training 4/25 – 5/1

A visit to family in Tennessee meant a break from the cold and snow of Steamboat and a focus on running the trails.  I will admit that I checked the summit web cam and felt like I was missing out viewing all of the snow that fell this past week.

The Southeast trails are certainly different.  Roots, rocks, and loads of shorter, steeper uphills.  The humidity and warmth were actually nice and good training for my first race in two weeks.  The twenty mile run in Montgomery Bell State Park was a blast and I ran some challenging new trails in Percy Warner Park.

Running – 38.3 miles with 4,501 feet of vertical (7:14)
Skiing – 7.1 miles with 3,570 feet of vertical (2:!3)

I still feel behind in my running in where I thought I would be be distance-wise by the first week of May but one cannot control the weather.  One negative I am noticing is my feet seem to be blistering pretty bad right now.  I need to make some shoe changes over the next month to alleviate it.  Hopefully I can use tape and anti-friction goo to help fix the problem for the 8 Hours of Hell and the training over the next couple weeks.  Getting away from the humidity at home will likely help a little bit too.


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