Weekly Training 5/2 – 5/8

Thank god for Nashville last week because this week back in Colorado couldn’t have been worse when it comes to getting ready for a hot weather race this upcoming Saturday.  I did get a wonderful uphill run in as the ski area got the road up to Four Points plowed which gives a roughly four and a half mile uphill with approximately 2,500 feet of vertical (I did not run the entire way to Four Points).  What I did notice this week was the importance of good sleep.  We have a sick dog which means less sleep than normal and I felt terrible after my two straight days of running back in Colorado.  The tail end of the week brought fresh snow so of course that meant skiing so I was able to get a decently long ski effort on Sunday.

Running – 24.7 miles with 2,621 feet of vertical (4:12)
Skiing – 8.9 miles with 4,534 feet of vertical (3:11)

This Saturday is the first race of the year.  I feel good going into it even though I thought I would have more running miles under my belt heading into it.  I am cautiously optimistic but am scared of the heat.  I’ll just have to work on heat management (ice, ice, ice) and stay on top of any issues that pop up.

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