Monthly Archives: April 2016

Weekly Training 4/18 – 4/24

With the improving spring weather early in the week I basically switched the training time from skiing to running.  The highlight of the running was the hill repeats on Wednesday with 5 half mile repeats.  My sustainable uphill pace was higher than I expected and it honestly just felt good.  I moved the long run to Saturday due to weather and it was a good decision with some fresh snow skiing on Sunday, although the wet snow and high winds caused some frozen extremities.

Running – 43.2 miles with 2,100 feet of vertical (7:10)
Skiing – 11.4 miles with 5,771 feet of vertical (3:49)


Just missed eleven hours of training for the week.  Next week will likely see some reduction with a travel day and just running visiting Nashville.  Should be a great chance to run some miles at lower altitude and on trails.  Can’t wait for the long run through the roots and rocks at Mongomery Bell State Park.  Hopefully there will be warm weather back home during the trip to really start melting the snow on the trails.

Feeling a bit stressed about the lack of mileage prior to the 8 Hours of Hell but the race should be fun regardless, especially since it was always going to be a long training run to try to get prepared mentally for the 100k in July.

Weekly Training 4/11- 4/17

Last week was a good week.  Got around eleven hours of training in.  Wanted to run more but the weekend snow storm changed the training from running to skinning up the ski area that closed a week before.  The snow got progressively better over the three days as my legs struggled to recover from all the uphill along with the shredding they received during a steep two mile downhill run just outside of Las Vegas.

Running – 14.7 miles with 2,431 feet of vertical (2:35)
Skiing – 23.5 miles with 12,234 feet of vertical (8:45)

The snowstorm was a treat but I am looking forward to some nicer weather to run in before heading to Nashville to visit family.  I’ll probably try to mix in some skiing while there’s still snow but I need to start focusing more on running since my first race is less than a month away.  I do feel like my uphill running is far better than last summer.  Whether that’s the uphill skinning or fixing the hernia I’ll take it.