Playing in the Snow

It has been a winter full of skinning right out the door at the ski area.  So much that the mind starts getting bored of skiing up Vogue and Heavenly Daze before I even buckle my boots.

Yesterday I decided to head into the hills and check out some places I have only seen on topo maps.  With the frigid inversion in place it also was twenty to thirty degrees warmer 3,000 feet above town which was certainly nice.

The pitch I was looking at could use some more snow but it was pretty well spaced trees and as I approached the bottom I could see even more terrain worth checking out in the future, especially if I give myself the time by leaving earlier in the day.  The skin back up was tough.  Even with all of the vertical I have been logging at the ski area, breaking trail boosts the heart-rate significantly.


Back at the open meadow at the top I wolfed down the sweet potato I packed and skied a nice mellow opening to get back to the trailhead.  The cold has kept the snow quality high, although I’m sure today’s warmth will destroy the fluffy snow that still existed on south facing slopes.


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