New Year Resolutions

It’s been a slow few months in this tiny corner of the blogosphere.  I have recovered from hernia surgery and have been doing my best to get after it.  Winter has arrived with a vengeance in Steamboat Springs and the skiing has been good.

In 2015 I uphill skied nineteen times post-surgery for a grand total of 49,302 feet of vertical.  I’ve been trying to improve my cross country skiing and working on getting back some of the aggressiveness I used to have alpine skiing.  I had a very close call with a deep-snow tree well back in 2012 and haven’t been able to lose the tentativeness while skiing ever since, even on wide open trails that have been meticulously groomed.

I hope to average 10-20K a week for the rest of the winter along with quite a bit of skate skiing and some real backcountry skiing.

For running my main goal in 2016 is to finish a Western States qualifier to get started in the lottery process.  Secondarily I will race more this summer with a focus on shorter races in an attempt to gain back a little bit of the speed I’ve lost since running a 1:35 half marathon in 2007.  The Steamboat Running Series will be a nice way to get in some of these runs without too much travel.

I also resolve to do more blogging of my adventures.  It has been hard to figure out what direction I want this blog to go and to translate my passion for endurance activities into words.  I had no problem creating content for a fly fishing blog in the past so I think I just need to work at the writing side of things and my voice here will slowly get louder and louder.

Here’s to meeting my 2016 goals.

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