I’m Starting To Like This Nordic Skiing

I have always wanted to be the type of person who enjoys cross country skiing even though my skiing life has been dominated by going downhill.  Going into this winter I was hoping to change that.

I had dabbled with xc skiing in year’s past but never really jumped in the deep end.  I decided to take part in a Nordic Camp back in mid-December.  It was one of the best decisions in skiing I have made in a long time.  Two full days on skis with a mix of instructors gave me a huge jump start in figuring out this skate skiing thing.  The best part of having multiple teachers is that you hear how to do things in multiple ways which certainly makes it more likely that one will click in your brain.

The best part is that I have continued to get out on the trails and work on what I learned over that weekend.  Today I skated just over twelve miles and for much of the ski day it felt much easier than less than a month ago.  I still wish the uphills felt a little easier (I doubt I’m the only one) but I seem to have found a smoother gear on the more gradual uphills that doesn’t leave me gasping for air when I reach the top.

It is hard to believe that I have spent more time cross country skiing over the past week than riding the lifts.

Hopefully the aerobic benefits from the nordic skiing and uphill skinning will be noticeable when I restart running sometime in February.

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