Monthly Archives: July 2015

Fall Goals

I started this blog in the hope of putting my thoughts down about my upcoming endurance goals.  I started the year around 230 pounds and working on losing weight and running more.  That goal has been met, but in the process of losing forty pounds and breaking two hours in the Steamboat Springs Half Marathon my goals evolved into something much larger.  I still want to remain consistent and injury free but I have some bigger plans I am putting into motion.

The first goal is to finally run the Run Rabbit Run 50 mile race in September.  I have eyed this race since the inaugural version in 2007 but always felt like my fitness level had to be at a super high level before I even considered attempting it.  I decided in April that I had enough time to train to finish (not worrying about racing) fifty miles by September 19th.

Why settle for a massive goal like a 50 miler when one can reach for even loftier dreams.  I have always wanted to run the Western States 100.  My initial Western States goal was to run a qualifier in 2016 to enter the lottery in 2017.  I realized about a month ago that waiting until the 2017 lottery and the tiny odds for a first timer didn’t make sense.  Why wait when I can attempt a qualifier for the 2016 lottery.  “No time like the present,” I thought as I entered the Javelina Jundred at the end of October.

The rest of this summer and fall should be amazing and I will be sharing my ups and downs on this blog.